Full grain leather and Supreme Leather by Kevin Vo



1.Quality & Cost

There are 3 different type of leathers that were used to make leather product. When a cowhide was taken out from the whole cow. It will split the cowhide in half to separate the full grain and genuine leather.

Full grain leather is the highest quality grade of leather money can buy. It comes from the top layer of the hide and includes all the natural grain. It is more expensive for manufacturers to buy and more difficult for them to work with. Since the full grain leather located right below the hair, it will need to be refined before making the product. This is reflected in the cost to the consumer.
Top grain leather is the second highest grade of leather and has the outermost layer of the hide removed. This difference makes the leather thinner and more workable.  The top grain leather is not durable, so it will be used to make couch, wallet, or boot.

2. Appearance & Durability

The natural surface of full grain leather is unique - it tells a story and reveals natural imperfections, marks, and even light brands in the surface. Full grain leather is extremely strong and durable. This unique property allows spleathers team to create the most durable camera strap on the market. While strong and durable, full grain leather remains extremely breathable, resulting in less moisture from prolonged contact.
The natural grain from the top surface of top grain leather is sanded away, which removes imperfections and blemishes. After sanding away the natural grain, top grain leather is imprinted with an imitation grain to give it a more uniform look. If uniform is what you’re looking for, then you’re in luck with top grain leather. The downside is, by sanding off the natural grain, they’ve sanded off the strongest fibers in the hide.
3. Supreme Leather 3mm thickness leather

To achieve the most durable leather strap and avoid making the strap heavier for the user, we decided to be sanded our leather to 3mm, which is very rare in the market. It will satisfy all the customer requirement.

With 3mm thickness leather, we innovate a new product line for Xpro and X product line to provide support for professional photographers to work in a long period of time.




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